New park on Yankee Stadium site (finally) underway

Ground has finally been broken for Heritage Field, the public ballfields that will stand where the old Yankee Stadium once did. New York City parks commissioner Adrian Benape was appropriately sheepish at yesterday’s shovel-wielding event:

“We want to thank the local community for having patience with us,” said city Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe. “Bit by bit, we are keeping our promise.”

The original promise was actually to have the fields open by the end of this year, but it now looks like it’ll be closer to the end of next year. The public cost of the new parks, meanwhile — which are replacing part of the parkland destroyed for the Yankees‘ new stadium — has nearly doubled since the original projections, to $195 million.

Meanwhile, Yanks pitcher Joba Chamberlain was considerably less sheepish:

“To be able to come out here in a year and watch these kids play — you know that is our future and I don’t think people really truly understand that. We’re giving so many kids opportunities to take the right path,” said New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

Because, you know, those “opportunities” didn’t exist when even more ballfields were right across the street.

One comment on “New park on Yankee Stadium site (finally) underway

  1. unknown to the pitcher from the midwest, those “opportunities” had been there for decades – my father played at those fields in the early 1940’s, was signed by the yanks and got himself a education that became his profession for all of his adult life.
    rod carew played at macombs dam park also.
    doubt that he’ll see anybody on those fields when he enters the special parking lot after getting off the deegan.
    of course the nyy got their place “on time”, but the kids will have to wait.