49ers threw $5m at stadium voters

Campaign filings show that the San Francisco 49ers spent nearly $5 million on their stadium referendum campaign in Santa Clara this spring, including a last-minute infusion of $800,000 from Niners owner Jed York. That would be a record for a Santa Clara referendum, and close to one for any stadium campaign anywhere. It would also be more than $300 per “yes” vote.

Meanwhile, the opposition, Santa Clara Plays Fair, raised a little over $20,000 for the “no” side. That means the 100-to-1 rule remains in place: Outspend your opposition by a factor of 100, and you’ll probably win a stadium vote; less than that, and you’ll probably lose.

6 comments on “49ers threw $5m at stadium voters

  1. What a waste of money! The money could have gone to badly needed schools. It’s even more sickening to know that us Santa Clara taxpayers will be reimbursing the 49ers for all of that money. It will come from our General Fund!

  2. The Dec. 2007 agenda report on the city’s website that lays out some of the financing deals states that the first bonds issued by Santa Clara’s Stadium Authority will go to reimburse the 49ers for $27.5 million in stadium studies dating back to Jan. 2005.

    That’s just wrong, and I surely hope the city staff renegotiate that financing agreement. The 49ers chose to spend that money on architects, consultants like Conventions, Sports and Leisure etc. and they should not be reimbursed by the city.

  3. The first two posts assume that the SA will not be able to meet it’s debts and require a bailout.

    I have to agree. I feel that the chances of this not happening are “Slim and None”.

    I see that the Bengals said “get lost” when the county asked for concessions to help with their problems. I can already visualize the the same response when the Mission City asks for similar help from the 49ers.

  4. There are so many corporations with massive $$ this project will be a complete success.

    My buddy and I named at least 25 Silicon Valley based companies that could go for the naming rights. 25?? That is an insane # of Fortune 500 companies in one county.

    On top of all this the several corporations in the area will buy luxury suites and advertising all over the place.

    This will be a lot easier than one would think to get this done. Dallas and NY do not have corporate base Silicon Valley has. NY has majority financial companies (Citi Field) and they are all still suffering the from the economy. While Dallas is a hot spot for “branch offices” and not HQs.

    SF 49ers in Santa Clara in 2014.

  5. Sid,

    If the stadium is built I don’t doubt that it’ll be a “complete success” either-for the DeBartolo/York family. For the City of Santa Clara, maybe not such a good deal…

  6. Sid: If the project is such a great investment, wny couldn’t the Yorks get any of those 25 Silicon Valley corporations to privately finance the stadium? Also, you need to analyze your economic facts. Santa Clara County currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.