New Meadowlands is grey, expensive, video-filled

The new kajillion-dollar Jets and Giants stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands opened on Monday night, and the reviews are decidedly mixed:

  • The Jersey Journal calls it “metallic and neutral,” praises the numerous hi-res video boards, and notes that the seats are “much further from the field than in the old building.”
  • The New York Daily News says fans like the sightlines and video screens, but not the high concession prices.
  • The Newark Star-Ledger reports that one fan says “it’s beautiful” and the food lines moved fast, but tickets were too expensive and the cell phone service was “spotty.”

The grey decor is intentional, so as not to give either team an advantage in terms of team colors, though it’s already drawn complaints before this. Ditto the high prices. As for the cell phone service, maybe the Jets and Giants could subcontract with the New York City subway system to improve on that.

5 comments on “New Meadowlands is grey, expensive, video-filled

  1. Seems to me most of the complaints stem from the neutrality of the place. They’ll need to get over that. The stadium IS a neutral venue now, which is a good thing. The old stadium was 100% Giants, leaving the Jets as second class citizens since the day they moved in. This is as close to having their own stadium as the Jets and their fans have ever been.

  2. Actually I have to disagree: it looks like most of the complaints stem from the expense of it. Some say the sightlines are satisfactory, while others say the seats are actually further from the field in the shiny new joint (this and “wider concourses” is code for “gentler on the asses of obese people”).

  3. …well, where have we heard this before? “I like the new building, but my seat is 30 yards further away and I have to pay more.”

    Pretty much without exception, that’s what you get when ‘your team’ builds a new facility (even if they do it using your money, then charge you for both seat licenses and tickets to enter – as often happens). Larger facility, wider aisles and seats, wider concourses = bigger facility. That means that, on average, comparable seats are farther from the field. With the exception of “unnatural disasters” like Municipal std in Cleveland, new facilities pretty much all put the average fan further away than the old.

    Dan: The Jets were second class citizens in Giants stadium because the Giants built and paid for that stadium. The Jets were in every sense just tenants, and were treated as such. According to the NFL, the New Meadowlands IS the Jets own stadium as well.

    I still think the Jets could have built a new facility in Queens if they had put the effort in that they did with the West Side Stadium (ok… maybe more effort was required there too). But they wanted to be in Manhattan, and thus remain in Jersey… What do you think? Could they have reached the ‘finish line’ on a Queens stadium?

  4. Just to clarify, the Giants didn’t pay for Giants Stadium (it was NJ Sports Exposition Authority bonds), they just had a lease there that prohibited the name from being changed.

  5. Was at the JET game last night 9/13, the new stadium not very impressive. First big ad on the HD screen Verizon. Cell phone service very poor,with Verizon as a sponsor. does not make a big impression, voices on big screen from ads distorted. and lastly exiting the game very poor and dangerous, people moving down escalators and people not moving when you get down to bottom ,,,,,like a herd of cattle and very very unsafe,,,,,needs to be addressed ASAP. If not corrected someone will be injured,just you wait and see. No dome was raining prior to game. Bad mistake not to have a dome. NYC NJ you failed the fans