SD columnist: If you build it, Super Bowls won’t come

San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Tim Sullivan, who I’ve cited (and has cited me) before, picks up the issue of Roger Goodell’s attempted Super Bowl extortion plot today and runs with it:

As San Diego wrestles with the question of how much to prostrate itself for the preservation of pro football, Atlanta’s experience ought to be instructional. The notion that building a new playpen for the Chargers will ensure multiple Super Bowls in reasonably short order is neither guaranteed nor probable. Too many other cities are chasing that plum to expect that the NFL would confer special status on any second-tier market, however wondrous the weather. …

Nailing down a couple of Super Bowls would be nice, but protecting the taxpayers should be paramount. Much as pro franchises are prized, a city must be prepared to say no when a team’s demands become excessive.

Exactly where that point falls is subjective. But when an 18-year-old stadium is too old, we’re probably in the ballpark.

My only gripe: Sullivan stole my line about the Georgia Dome being “older than Miley Cyrus.” Dude.

UPDATE: Sullivan just emailed to inform me that he actually came up with the Miley Cyrus comparison independently. Apologies to him for any aspersions cast, and you know what this means: It’s not plagiarism, it’s a meme.

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