Tiger-Cats stadium site too pricey, says Hamilton mayor

So much for the power of excitement. Newly elected Hamilton mayor Bob Bratina revealed yesterday that the plot of land identified as the best compromise location for a Hamilton Tiger-Cats stadium would cost $70-90 million, adding: “I’ve called a special council meeting [for Wednesday] and we will determine whether there is any point in continuing to pursue that particular site and my guess would be, in view of the high cost, no.”

Bratina had previously estimated the stadium funding gap, which includes at least $30 million in actual construction costs to be paid for by Not Me, at $53 million; the new land price tag would push that figure to at least $100 million. None of this should be any surprise — city councillors were already skeptical that the plan was affordable — but it certainly throws a wrench into getting a new stadium approved by the Pan Am Games’ February deadline.

Bratina indicated that he’ll now look to build a stadium in Confederation Park, a public park on the shore of Lake Ontario. Pros: The city already owns it. Cons: It’s already in use, as a public park. Haven’t we been through this before?

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One comment on “Tiger-Cats stadium site too pricey, says Hamilton mayor

  1. Yes, we certainly have been through this before…

    I’m told that there are already plans for some commercial development in Conf Park, but I don’t know how much or of what nature.

    Anyone think the Ticats and the city can get their act together before February (the latest, and likely last, deadline)? I don’t…

    As much as I think the Hammer needs a new facility, they’ve fumbled the ball so badly on this one that it’s hard to see why they should continually be given ‘second’ chances. If I’m Hostco, I tell them “thanks, but we can’t wait for you clowns any longer”, then build the facility in a city that can actually walk and chew gum at the same time. Sadly, that is not Hamilton.

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