Broward County unanimously votes to oppose Dolphins reno tax

That hissing sound you heard yesterday was the air coming out of the Miami Dolphins‘ latest stadium-funding trial balloon:

Broward County commissioners denounced a plan to send hotel tourist taxes to the Miami Dolphins stadium, using terms like “vile” and “shameful” and saying they’d effectively kill it.

Now they’ve made it official, voting solidly in opposition Tuesday to a proposal to spend Broward’s hotel bed taxes to fix up the 23-year-old Sun Life Stadium in Miami-Dade County.

“Solidly” here actually means “unanimously,” as the South Florida Sun-Sentinel makes clear in its blog post on the same story. So while the Dolphins’ plan to tax a neighboring county for its stadium renovations may not be dead yet, it now has a decided death sentence placed on it should it come out of hiding.

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2 comments on “Broward County unanimously votes to oppose Dolphins reno tax

  1. Idiots. Two Super Bowls would generate enough economic impact to pay for the stadium improvements, even using the most conservative numbers.

  2. Actually no, according to most economists who’ve looked into it. At least, not in winter tourist spots like Florida:

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