Saskatchewan abandons Roughriders dome plan (for now)

As promised, the province of Saskatchewan stuck a fork in plans to build a new Roughriders stadium today:

“This project can go no further at this time,” said Ken Cheveldayoff, the minister responsible for the project, said Tuesday.

The province had been seeking a $100 million contribution from Ottawa and had applied for the money last June.

But eight months later, there’s been no response from the federal government. Partners in the project will have to look at their options, Cheveldayoff said.

Okay, not totally stuck a fork in, since they’re still looking at other options. Still, one option is a modest renovation of the Roughriders’ existing Mosaic Stadium, which might at least cost less than the $431 million that a new domed stadium was going to.

For more, read this report from Discover Moose Jaw. (And yes, I only linked to that so I could write “Discover Moose Jaw.)

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