Rusty pipes need replacing at three-year-old Colts stadium

In sports-page lingo, every old stadium is “crumbling” and every new one is “sparkling,” so it’s always amusing when the new buildings immediately break:

Lucas Oil Stadium will partially close to events for four months to replace rusted and corroded steel piping in the 3-year-old structure….

John Klipsch, the authority’s executive director, said the cause of the rust and corrosion on galvanized steel pipes hasn’t been determined.

Now, the total cost of the repair is expected to cost less than $2 million, and Indianapolis officials insist that it won’t cost taxpayers anything. (Though they say it will instead be covered by “bonding, warranties and insurance,” which is slightly worrisome unless they mean bonds that have already been sold and aren’t being used for anything else. [UPDATE: One reader suggests that the reference is to this kind of bonding, not this kind; if so, that’s less worrisome.]) Still, you know that if this sort of thing had happened at the Hoosier Dome, the Colts would have been screaming that this showed it was time for a new stadium.

7 comments on “Rusty pipes need replacing at three-year-old Colts stadium

  1. The ironic thing is, we wouldn’t have had this problem, the faulty neon signage problems (going on 2 years and no fix), the initial flooding problem due to broken plumbing or the impending re-‘negotiation’ of the concession operations IF we’d kept the Dome in operation.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, we’d be $700 million dollars ahead, too!

  2. Colt’s owner Jim Irsay isn’t happy with free rent, free maintenance, parking, suite revenue, signage and 100% of the revenue from football concessions at Lucas he now wants the CIB to pick the setup costs for the concession stands as well. The dollars in question, somewhere in six figures…

  3. “…the cause of the rust and corrosion on galvanized steel pipes hasn’t been determined.”

    Hmm. Could it be that they used galvanized steel water pipes, instead of copper or PVC pipes?

  4. Neil, it’s never too early to start the ball rolling on the new new Colts stadium project. After all, as has been amply evidenced here, these things don’t last forever…

  5. Re: MarkH, the construction of Lucas was done by union contractors as mandated by the construction agreement.

  6. Well some or someone from the union contractors that did the galvanized steel pipes obviously did not do a good job. Lucas Oil Stadium is only three years old and those galvanized steel pipes have rust and corrosion already. What’s going to happen in two years when it turns five years old?