Today’s Vikings stadium news, in 13 words or less

I was about to sum up the last 24 hours of reaction to the hot-off-the-presses Minnesota Vikings stadium bill, but really, the headlines alone tell the story just fine:

Steep hills for Vikings stadium

Vikings’ new stadium bid could need a Hail Mary

Vikings stadium bill is introduced at legislature and is headed to back burner

Viking Quest: Stadium Debacle 2011

No hearings scheduled for Vikings stadium bill

You can read the articles for yourself, but in a nutshell: There’s limited time to pass a bill this session, and the legislature is busy with the state’s $5.1 billion budget deficit and is showing no interest in moving on a Vikings bill. Not mentioned but also relevant: Um, there’s an NFL lockout, people? This is sounding more and more like running stuff up the flagpole in anticipation of a real stadium push in 2012 — conveniently just in time for the Vikes’ Metrodome lease to expire, as well as for the league to resume playing football, maybe.

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