Could Dodgers mess derail A’s move even more than it’s already derailed?

I haven’t chimed in here yet on MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ finances — you can see a brief writeup I did for Baseball Prospectus here and more discussion during my chat here — because it didn’t seem to affect any stadium issues. But that could be changing, as the fine folks at note:

The McCourt-Dodgers meltdown could have an unusual and for-now unmeasurable impact on the A’s depending on one decision: Who will be brought in to oversee the team now that MLB has seized it? According to ESPNLA’s Tony Jackson, the shortlist has three candidates:

* Stan Kasten, former Nats president

* John McHale, Jr., executive VP within MLB

* Corey Busch, frequent MLB committee member and former team exec

Yes, that’s the same Corey Busch who’s on the A’s stadium panel with Irwin Raij and Bob Starkey.

If it’s Busch, you can forget about him spending much time finalizing that never-finalized A’s relocation report he’s supposed to be working on. Unless, of course, the study is actually done, and it’s just waiting on A’s owner Lew Wolff and San Francisco Giants owner Bill Neukom to come to an agreement on how much the A’s would pay the Giants for territorial rights to San Jose. Something that’s not likely to happen without the involvement of Selig, who’s now going to be busy fighting with Dodgers owner Frank McCourt over the future of that team.

Add in that Wolff (as well as Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio) has been rumored as a possible buyer of the Dodgers (Wolff swears he’s not interested), and it’s a fair bet that nothing is going to be moving on the A’s situation until the Dodgers mess is untangled. Which, if McCourt files a lawsuit as expected, could take years. Good thing attendance in Oakland is up.

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2 comments on “Could Dodgers mess derail A’s move even more than it’s already derailed?

  1. Neil, I smell another Selig ‘franchise shell game’ on the horizon…

    Surely Sternberg and Loria can’t let this opportunity slip by, either?

  2. don’t be surprised if a “super tuesday” develops because of bud”dy”s three-card-monte tendencies – could involve the rays-mets-dodgers-a’s.
    the s.j. situation could be resolved with a phone call and the a’s not wanting to get the territory for next to nothing.
    don’t forget that the gi-ants hold a 50% (or more) stake in the s.j. minor league franchise, which is one of the strongest (financially) in the cal. league. they would have to be relocated also.

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