Vegas sports subsidy bill killed dead

The funding bill for a Las Vegas arena, or a Las Vegas stadium, or a Las Vegas arena/stadium/floor wax was declared officially dead last night by the bill’s sponsors:

Asked if any elements of the various public financing measures presented to lawmakers would survive, former state Sen. Terry Care answered: “It’ll be the surprise of my lifetime if it does.”

Care was the chief lobbyist for Texas developer Christopher Milam, who had proposed building a $1.9 billion project including a ballpark, arena and stadium near Interstate 15 and Russell Road.

“It was a difficult bill to begin with,” Care said.

Dead, of course, is a relative term when it comes to sports subsidy bills, so it’s always possible that some of these proposals will be revived in the next legislative session. That’s not until 2013, though — Nevada legislators take alternate years off, presumably so they can spend them at the craps tables — unless the governor calls them into special session before then. Quebec, you can breathe one-third easier now.

3 comments on “Vegas sports subsidy bill killed dead

  1. Good for them. It’s always encouraging when a governmental body does the right thing.

    Watch out for those special sessions, though. It seems pretty likely the budget they passed will blow up within months.

  2. Out of curiosity, what do their legislators make in salary for their half of one year on alternating years of service?

  3. Dan:

    NV lawmakers earn $146.90 per day in session, plus a per diem for travel.