“Why Do Mayors Love Sports Stadiums?” now free online

If you’ve been refraining from reading my Nation article from last week on why cities keep pursuing stadium and arena deals because you’re cheap or allergic to newsprint, you may now commence rejoicing: It’s now un-paywalled and readable for free on The Nation’s website. Read it now, and read it often!

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3 comments on ““Why Do Mayors Love Sports Stadiums?” now free online

  1. First of all, nice article Neil. Now that the NFL lockout is done our local business news, Indianapolis Business Journal, has an article about that the salary floor may be a problem for the Colts. In that article the Colts president has the gall to caterogize the Colts lease deal as favorable. The better term would be egregious, the Colts pay a paltry 25k per game for Lucas and are guaranteed 3.5 million in subsidies from the city.

  2. Thanks, Neil.

    I plan to link to this one the next time the Bee prints one of their notoriously stupid and vapid articles about our own arena issue. Like, for example, this one:


    Here’s a “poll” (you’ll find my quotes around “poll” are quite appropriate):


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