Ticket bubble watch: Slate today, Orlando ESPN tomorrow

I haven’t written much about the sports ticket bubble lately (though there’s plenty to comment on, including the Pittsburgh Piratesno-fee week and some impressively low StubHub prices for the New York Liberty). If you’ve been wanting an overview of the lay of the deflating-ticket-price land and what it could mean for the sports industry, check out my new article on the same in Slate.

On a related note, I’ll be on ESPN 1080 in Orlando at 10:05 am tomorrow (Friday), talking about my Nation article and the Slate article. If you’re in Orlando, tune in on your radio; if not, use the streaming doohickey.

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3 comments on “Ticket bubble watch: Slate today, Orlando ESPN tomorrow

  1. The New York Liberty? Isn’t that WNBA? If so why would anyone be shocked by 4 dollar StubHub prices?

  2. I considered a trip to Anaheim for a family vacation and saw tickets to the Angels also priced in the 0$ price range.

    And I’ve bought stubhub hockey tickets in “always sold out Rexall Place” for half to two-thirds off the face value price in recent seasons. Not long before others catch on to the desperate ticket seller market.

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