Dodgers slash ticket prices to make fans stop hating Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers are responding to their dismal attendance last year (dismal by Dodgers standards, anyway — for more other teams their numbers would look pretty good) by slashing ticket prices, with some field-level seats near the foul poles dropping from $40 apiece to $16.

It just goes to show you that if your team is bad enough, and everyone hates your owner enough, fans will stop showing up and force the ticket market to respond. The problem for the Dodgers being that, since the team still sucks and Frank McCourt does too, some fans still may not be willing to show up at any price.

At least no one’s blaming Dodger Stadium yet, though that’s probably only a matter of time, especially if the AEG downtown baseball stadium rumors rear their ugly head again.

3 comments on “Dodgers slash ticket prices to make fans stop hating Dodgers

  1. Neil, wasn’t it in this very forum that you posted a link to an article in the LAT outlining the writer buying tickets to a Dodger game for under $5 last season?

    With all the hate for the McCourts (deserved) and the gong show this franchise has become, I feel the need to keep repeating the fact that MLB approved McCourt and his financial high wire act as owners.

    While FM may have behaved scandalously with the Dodgers finances, there was no reason for anyone (least of all the former used car salesman/commissioner) to believe he would have done otherwise given his past.

    So which cliche do we close with? The parable about the frog & the scorpion? Or the famed yogi-ism:

    “If people don’t wanna come out to the ballpark, nobody is going to stop ’em”

  2. It really amazes me how quickly public opinion of the Dodgers changed. It used to be, even up here in Northern California, that we’d see plenty of Dodger hats. But now? I cannot remember the last one I saw.

    I’d say it started before the McCourts “bought” the team (air-finger quotes to honor the amount of leverage they used). The McCourts hastened it, for sure… And now, fans that they had 400 miles from LA are completely gone.

    As a Giants’ fan, the Dodgers now remind me of the Giants during their worst years. I used to have a grudging admiration for the Dodgers, and now… Well, I’d pity them, but that’s just not in the cards for a Giants’ fan, is it. How sorry for the Red Sox did Yankees’ fans feel a few weeks ago?

    Lower ticket prices for the Dodgers won’t help. They’re even being ignored in LA now. “Beach, or Dodgers’ game?”. Not a very hard choice.

  3. You see, this right here is a grand example of why the Dodgers are losing fans:

    What kind of a jerk says stuff like this?