Field of Schemes global media domination!

Okay, not exactly, but for some reason it was a popular week for me to be interviewed about various stadium deals:

  • Rob Smith talked to me for his Biz of Baseball podcast about the new Miami Marlins stadium and the prospects for a new Tampa Bay Rays one.
  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch asked me about Missouri state assemblymember Jeanette Mott Oxford’s bill to require that sports teams open their books if they want to get public subsidies. (My verdict: Interesting and original idea, but it’s going to be tricky to implement.)
  • U-T San Diego’s Tim Sullivan cited me as backup for his conclusion that “the Department of Home Team Security has issued a new advisory, downgrading the danger of Los Angeles stealing the Chargers from Low to Laughable.”

That oughta give you folks something to pass the time until I’ve finished writing up the latest in the Minnesota Vikings stadium fiasco…

One comment on “Field of Schemes global media domination!

  1. To the Missouri state assembly member’s motion:

    I think it’ll be difficult to push through with the Rams in a position to walk away from their current lease in three years if they don’t get those improvements. It’ll be tough to enforce if politicians feel the Rams to get up and walk away. Which is what’s gotten cities and states in this problem in the first place.