Chicago Sun-Times: Blah blah blah Wrigley renovation woohoo!

Do me a favor: From now on, just assume every day that there’s something in the Chicago Sun-Times pumping for a taxpayer-funded renovation of Wrigley Field, so I don’t have to keep posting about it? Today’s installment: A Wrigley reno would be great for the Cubs because the Miami Marlins built a new stadium, and now they signed Mark Buehrle. And same can be yours, Chicago, “once Rahm Emanuel puts the Cubs‚Äô plan on the city dole and helps create an all-Cubs party zone around the ballpark on game day.”

The Marlins are actually in 4th place right now, but I guess most anything looks good when your team is 3-10. It’s fortunate for the Sun-Times writers, though, that the Cubs were playing in Miami this week and not, say, San Diego, where the Padres are celebrating their eight-year-old stadium by going 3-11. Clearly they need a bigger party zone.

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