Quick, everybody freak out at once about the Vikings moving!

It’s been a fun week in Minnesota since the Vikings stadium bill was effectively killed by the state legislature, or at least fun if you’re a breathless headline writer. So far this week we’ve had:

Right now, everyone is just killing time until the state legislative session ends, at which point we can get back to the more important question of whether the state will call a special legislative session to discuss a Vikings stadium bill.

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5 comments on “Quick, everybody freak out at once about the Vikings moving!

  1. He senses the stadium cash is close. The strength of the legislators is failing. In his heart, Governor Dayton begins to understand. The quest will claim his 2nd term. In the gathering dark, the will of the NFL grows strong. It works hard now to find its way back into the pockets of Minnesotans. Minnesotan football fans, who are so easily seduced by its power. The young speaker of the house has but to extend his hand to move the bill out of committee and the taxpayers will fall. Piggy is close now, so close to achieving his goal. For the NFL will have dominion over all cash on hand, even until the ending of the world. The time of the public having a say is over.

    p.s. I needs me some public stadium cash, now!

  2. I am still waiting for someone show the state getting anywhere near $700 million in benefits from this expenditure.

    This is currently a horrible horrible deal for the taxpayers of Minnesota and a great deal for Ziggy Wilf.

    Alas this is the United States in 2012. In 2010-2011 CEO pay increased 40%, what other part of the US economy grew that much during that period? Anything? Anything at all?

    But the people at the top of socio-economic hierarchy are getting better and better at hovering up all the resources for themselves and bending our outmoded and weak political system to their devices.

    Why try to run the state effectively when you can just hand out money to one of the richest men in the country?

  3. And Goodell dropped the LA threat to MN state lawmakers, which is no threat if they ever bother to look at the finances of that crap deal. Just hope MN realizes they hold all the cards here, not the NFL, not Wilf and certainly not LA.

  4. As I’ve said: it’s a done deal. Now that the threats have gone public, the timorous legislators – already scared – will fold like the worn out towels at Motel 6. Special session right after the election, great bipartisan comradeship, magical revenue sources, taxpayers get f***ed, congratulations all around.

    Coming very soon to a Minnesota near you.

  5. Unbelievable. I actually cursed out loud while reading the paper this morning when I saw the headline.

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