Top two baseball attendance jumps: Marlins and … Rays?

Early-season small-sample-size report: The biggest attendance jump in MLB so far this year, as you’d expect, belongs to the Miami Marlins, who had a new stadium built for them for this season, and who have seen a jump of 9,615 fans per game. Second place: the Tampa Bay Rays (+9,500 fans per game), who are playing in a stadium that their owner complains is impossible for fans to get to, and can’t wait to get out of.

No conclusions here, as it’s only April, and it’s helped the Rays that all their games have been on weekends so far. But worth keeping an eye on.

2 comments on “Top two baseball attendance jumps: Marlins and … Rays?

  1. The location thing is such a tough one with sports facilities. The Forum in Inglewood was in a nice, middle class suburb of L.A. when it was built, but now many people consider it (incorrectly, IMO) a ghetto area.

  2. The numbers didn’t continue after the series with the Yanks, dropped to last years levels.
    Anyone see Time Mags 10 best/10 worst list? Great job! The author hadn’t been to The Trop in over 5 years, didn’t know their spring training is in Port Charlotte, not St. Pete.
    Quality Journalism continues it’s decline…