St. Louis agency rejects Rams’ $700m renovation request

That didn’t take long:

The agency that operates the Edward Jones Dome on Friday rejected an improvement plan for the 17-year-old stadium proposed by the St. Louis Rams.

The St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission said in a brief statement that it believes it is in “the best interest of the community and the Rams to engage in meaningful dialogue over the next two weeks, and looks forward to the opportunity to do so at the earliest convenience of Rams management.”

If the Rams and the CVC can’t work out their differences in the next two weeks — and good luck with that, given that the Rams want a $700 million overhaul with sliding roof panels and the CVC is offering $60 million toward a new scoreboard — the fight over what a “top-tier” stadium means will head to binding arbitration. And then the real fun will begin.

11 comments on “St. Louis agency rejects Rams’ $700m renovation request

  1. It is fairly obvious to me that the Rams will relocate back to Los Angeles for the 2015 National Football League season.

  2. And play where while they wait for which of the two NFL-rejected LA stadium proposals not to be built?

  3. Wasn’t Georgia Frontiere accused of sabotaging the Rams so that it would be easier to move to St. Louis. I sort of see a similar thing being done by Stan Kroenke here. I wonder if Kroenke really wants to stay in St. Louis. I see an irony here that the Rams wanted to get out of LA badly and now it looks like they badly want to return to LA

  4. @ Adam,

    A team that moves to Los Angeles wouldn’t have to wait to play in a new stadium. The NFL doesn’t approve of AEG’s approach which is buying a stake in an existing club at a discounted price. That’s where the NFL has an issue. Now, if Stan Kroenke wants to relocate the Rams back to Los Angeles, he can do exactly that (pending approval from at least 24 of the other owners).

  5. And play in the Coliseum? Where’s the profit in that? #sh*tmyferengisays

  6. Short term yes, either the Coliseum or Rose Bowl. Long term they’ll move to Industry. Remember that Roski isn’t asking for a controlling stake in a team and isn’t asking for the AEG style discount either. And he stadium is for all intents shovel ready unlike the AEG plan.

  7. Roski wants 30% of a team for free. It’s an even bigger no go than AEG’s discount plan.

    There will be no team playing in Los Angeles. It’s worth too much to all the existing teams that there is no team there that a vote of the owners to move a team there would struggle to get 10 votes for, let alone 24 votes.

  8. Jmauro, I believe Roski changed his tune after AEG got the backhand from the league. And reportedly he’s continued in negotiations off and on with the Raiders since then.

  9. What I don’t get us that reports say that a big reason Kroenke pulled out of the Dodgers bidding was that Goodell told him that an NFL team is coming to LA, so therefore Kroenke would have to sell the Rams. If the Rams are coming to LA, why wouldn’t Kroenke just stay in the bidding for the Dodgers?

  10. Cross-ownership (the ownership of a team in the NFL and another sport) is frowned upon by the NFL, going back to the Rozelle days where he tried to keep Lamar Hunt and Joe Robbie out of soccer and Edward Bennett Williams out of baseball. How enforceable these are is debatable given the lack of an antitrust exemption (thank you, Al Davis), but I think that’s the line that the NFL totes. I don’t believe that it matters where the Rams are.

  11. The cross-ownership stipulation is practically a non issue. Kroenke just transferred majority ownership of all his other American franchises to his son. It’s easy, like trading baseball cards, when you have more money than god.