Regina signs MOU to stick public with most of Roughriders stadium cost

The city of Regina has filled in the missing $138 million in its $278 million Saskatchewan Roughriders stadium plan, signing a memorandum of understanding to build the stadium by 2017. The new funding plan:

  • The previously announced $80 million grant from the province of Saskatchewan.
  • $73 million in cash from Regina, up from the previously announced $60 million.
  • A $100 million provincial loan from the city, to be paid back by a $12 per ticket fee on all events at the new stadium.
  • $25 million from the Roughriders.

That means that the public would be on the hook for more than 50% of the stadium cost, plus taking on the risk on that $100 million if ticket sales fall short of projections. Plus paying $230 million in operating costs on the stadium over the next 30 years. Most of this would be paid off from property tax revenues, though there’s also an $80 million chunk that’s summed up merely as “other revenue.”

The plan still needs to be signed off on by the Regina city council.

One comment on “Regina signs MOU to stick public with most of Roughriders stadium cost

  1. It would be great for you to further comment upon this since this is a hot topic going into the Oct 24 muncipal election. Already we have been told if you don’t build it the team could move, or the sky will fall, etc