Nets arena pitting upscale restaurant fans against drunken afterparty fans

The Wall Street Journal has an article today (which you probably can’t read in full, though I found the full text via Google News) on development around the new Brooklyn Nets arena, which amounts to: Lots of sports bars and restaurants are opening or expanding, though given that the neighborhood was already booming before the arena, it’s tough to tell how much is due to the Nets’ arrival.

The most interesting tidbit:

Because the Barclays Center area was already on a sharp economic upswing, the arena has created a clash with the forces of gentrification, as affluent residents are demanding different services than arena-goers.

“You are serving two or three distinct customer bases—one are the newer or existing residents, and then you do have the transient crowd, which are folks that are coming to the arena or coming to events,” says Timothy King, a managing partner at CPEX Real Estate, who noted that restaurants are attempting to cater to both.

One can only hope this won’t end in pitched street battles, with the affluent residents hurling jars or artisanal mayonnaise down at arenagoers. Though actually, that’d give a whole new meaning to “entertainment district.”

2 comments on “Nets arena pitting upscale restaurant fans against drunken afterparty fans

  1. No, but they had me at “fake Ulysses S. Grant beard and filthy Converse sneakers to blend in.”