Royals using tax money to pay cable bill, phone service, payroll taxes

You may recall that after the Kansas City Royals got their $250 million in public money for stadium renovations back in 2006, it turned out one of the “upgrades” they had in mind was to buy new computer gear for their players. Now Sports Radio 810 WHB is reporting that the Royals have been dipping into their taxpayer-funded stadium maintenance fund for even more dubious purchases:

The Royals have received at least $12.7 million from taxpayers that was approved by the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority as part of the RMMO provision of the team’s lease with the county and spent it on full and part time employee salaries, security, cable tv, first aid, utilities, telephones and even payroll taxes.  By using the money for payroll taxes, the team literally collected taxpayer money to pay their own taxes.

That’s almost as good as using taxpayer money to pay for lobbyists to get more taxpayer money. If Royals fans aren’t upset that their tax money is going to pay the team’s phone bill, maybe they’ll be upset that their team is behaving like the Yankees.

UPDATE: Deadspin reports that the Chiefs have been doing the same thing.

5 comments on “Royals using tax money to pay cable bill, phone service, payroll taxes

  1. David: Apparently they got a clause added saying they can use the money for “event day operations.” Which they’re interpreting as roughly, “anything.”

  2. Anybody surprised?
    Organizations like this one can be trusted without OVERSIGHT? Kiss those $$$’s goodbye…

  3. What this proves is never to deal with anyone who knows Walmart lawyers. They’ll beat you every time…..