St. Louis offers Rams rejiggered stadium plan, but still no $700m

The St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission abruptly revised its proposal for upgrades to the Rams‘ Edward Jones Dome yesterday, ditching the new stadium-side tailgating space while adding more club seats and more interior space. The not-quite-as-big-as-the-Dallas-Cowboys‘ scoreboard would also go from flat to four-sided, which is what would allow the CVC to rip out two existing scoreboards and replace them with club seating.

None of this is likely to have much impact on the CVC’s ongoing arbitration case with the Rams, since the team owner Stan Kroenke wants $700 million in upgrades, where the commission’s new plan would still only cost $124 million, with half of that coming from the team. How would Kroenke look his fellow owners in the eye at their annual brandy-snifting retreat if he only got an eight-figure payoff for his infamous state-of-the-art lease clause? How, I ask?

3 comments on “St. Louis offers Rams rejiggered stadium plan, but still no $700m

  1. Wow, that proposal is not within shouting distance of making the dome one of the top 8 buildings in the NFL. The St. Louis CVC had better hope they have a sympathetic judge.

  2. The last four NFL domes to be built all have retractable roofs, Cowboys, Colts, Cardinals, and Texans. Even the Lions have skylights and the wall of windows. The CVC’s building is not one of the top 8 stadiums in the NFL. The CVC is going to lose the arbitration, its just a question of how many $100s of millions will it cost them to keep the Rams.

    Neil, Does the NJ stadium count twice since it’s the home of the Jets and Giants? Will St. Louis put up $400 to $500 million to keep the Rams when they lose?

    I’m still betting on the Rams and Chargers moving to LA to share a stadium. $400 mil in combined G-4 funds plus $400 mil to $600 mil in combined PSL money. It’s the most sensible plan without giving up big ownership rights to someone like AEG.