GOP to introduce “We Built This!” slogan in taxpayer-built arena

Most jaw-dropping story of the day:

“We Built This” (the GOP’s “Call Me Maybe”), is the catchphrase of the season, and it’ll be a major theme of the Republican National Convention at the end of this month. The irony? They’ll be holding that convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, formerly the Tampa Bay Ice Palace, which was publicly financed.  The Daily Dolt, a humor/politics site pointed out the irony first and according to the National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School, 62 percent of the funding that built the Tampa Bay Times Forum a.k.a. The Tampa Bay Ice Palace in 1996 came from public funds to the tune of about $86 million. Kind of kills that idea that it doesn’t take a village, right?

(Actually, counting property tax breaks and other public costs, taxpayers put up $167 million towards the arena, or 103% of the construction cost, according to Judtih Grant Long’s figures.)

This promises to be so awesome that I almost hope the Republican convention isn’t creamed by a hurricane that leaves GOP leaders having to try to explain how this has nothing at all to do with fossil-fuel-induced climate change. Almost.

5 comments on “GOP to introduce “We Built This!” slogan in taxpayer-built arena

  1. Impressive predictions by those “scientists”– Oops, I meant “scientists”– Damn it. Let me turn my keyboard’s b.s. detector off.

    Let’s try this again:

    Impressive predictions by those scientists on the excessive rain that’s sure to hit wet areas. While I read the rest of that article, can you give me a hand and vote in this poll for me?

  2. Also, you should have at least pointed out that the arena renovations that America’s Magazine of Record says were privately funded are actually being paid back to the Lightning over the next few decades (though it escapes me which shady mechanism is being used for the kickbacks).

  3. Actually Neil, the fun part will be watching the Occupy Wall Street crowd getting washed away by the hurricane. Hopefully they’ll at least get a little bit cleaner….

    The Wrath of God will be fun to watch