Ex-Mayor Daley says Chicago’s problem is not enough football stadiums

No, wait, maybe this is the most jaw-dropping story of the day:

In an interview with Comcast Sports Net, [former Chicago mayor Richard] Daley said the city should build a new stadium and add a second NFL team to the market.

“I really believe we could get a second football team,” the former mayor said. “I’ve always believed — the Chicago Cardinals, Bears — why is it that New York has two? Florida has three, San Francisco has two. Now you think of that, we could easily take — Chicago loves sports and we could get a second team in here.

Because if the NFL has waited two decades to put a team in L.A., surely it’ll rush to pay to build a stadium for a second team in a much smaller metro area, right? Also, the last NFL stadium in Chicago was such a rip-roaring success. And Florida isn’t a city, and San Francisco … you know, this is more than an offhand radio remark by a guy who isn’t even in charge of anything anymore really deserves, so I think I’ll leave it at that.

5 comments on “Ex-Mayor Daley says Chicago’s problem is not enough football stadiums

  1. Not to mention that the Chicago Cardinals were an attendance disaster for decades before the owners gave up and moved the whole thing to St. Louis.

  2. It would be easier to count the pols who are in touch with reality. Let’s start with….. oh nevermind.

  3. The “two teams sharing one stadium” NJ model should be implemented when possible but that’s not going to happen in Chicago. Maybe it still happens in Santa Clara, the city council made a mess of that, and it is the only viable solution for LA if the Rams get out of their lease.

    What AFC team would move to Chicago anyways? No chance.