Everybody denies everything about Angels-to-Industry move

The responses are in to yesterday’s Los Angeles Daily News story about the Angels reportedly talking to Industry about relocating to a new stadium there, and the official word is deny, deny, (mostly) deny:

  • Angels Chairman Dennis Kuhl says the Angels “have not held negotiations about moving to a potential new ballpark in the City of Industry,” in the words of the L.A. Times’ Bill Shaikin.
  • Industry City Manager Kevin Radecki says of the Angels, “We haven’t talked to anybody here.”
  • Majestic Realty spokesperson Ben Porritt said, “Our commitment is on returning the NFL to Los Angeles and our focus is on building a football stadium,” though he wouldn’t confirm or deny whether his boss Ed Roski had met with Angels owner Arte Moreno.

Shaikin further notes that a new environmental impact statement would have to be done for a baseball stadium in Industry (because the old one is only good for 10-odd NFL games a year), and that Roski’s business plan would require Moreno to put up the money for a new stadium — or put up equity in his team instead.

There’s still some smoke here — clearly somebody leaked the Angels-to-Industry rumor, whether to increase the Angels’ leverage with Anaheim or Majestic’s leverage with the NFL (“If you keep ignoring us, we’ll go shack up with MLB!”) or what. But as for taking it seriously, it’s probably best to chalk this one up to static on the coconut-telegraph.

One comment on “Everybody denies everything about Angels-to-Industry move

  1. This is all smoke no fire. The move would really remove the Angels from easy access by their main fan base which is in Orange County. South Orange County is quite far from City of Industry and even northern Orange County would be a tough drive on weeknights around 6 PM up the 605 or the 57. They wouldn’t gain a lot of new fans either since the Dodgers being L.A.’s team and the Angels being O.C.’s team is entrenched over 40 years. This is all leverage with Anaheim.