St. Pete developer paints pretty pictures (well, pictures) of new Rays stadium

Developer Darryl LeClair presented the St. Petersburg city council with his promised plan for a new Tampa Bay Rays stadium on the city’s northern edge today, and it looks kinda like…

Miller Park crossed with a postmodern townhouse complex? Crossed with Harvard, all as painted by this guy?

Anyway, LeClair estimates that this thing would cost between $540 million and $570 million, including roof, land, and infrastructure, and he has no plans for how to pay for it. But as NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra puts it, “you’ll be shocked to learn, that the land developer behind the idea believes that the park, which happens to be on his land, is the best plan to save the Rays.”

I’d say we’ll know more after the hearing, except that under the ground rules previously agreed to in order to avoid the city of St. Petersburg having to sue itself for talking about a new stadium while the old one’s lease is still in effect, no one on the council is actually allowed to ask LeClair any questions today. Which is a shame, as I was really hoping someone would ask him, “Couldn’t your architects have at least afforded to watch some Bob Ross videos before embarking on this rendering?”

8 comments on “St. Pete developer paints pretty pictures (well, pictures) of new Rays stadium

  1. I think someone drawing up plans should spend a little more time with a ruler if they intend to make a retractable roof work with that odd, skewed angle. Particularly in picture 3 it looks like they’ve put their condos (and pretty glass windows) all over places where the roof might actually need to attach to the top of the condo to function.


  3. Isn’t that roof physically impossible? If you look at how the slide-out of the roof would work, there are no pivot points (like Miller Park) so it can’t just pivot out. The roof rails are angular at points. It’s almost as if the roof would have to grow wider as the roof was deployed.

    It’s not SkyDome (sorry, Rogers Centre) in that the panels don’t rotate either. How much does a roof cost that is impossible to build?

    Oh, and putting home plate on the south side means that the setting Sun in April and September should be right behing home plate. I’m sure the center fielder will appreciate that. Interesting that Populous isn’t on the list of contractors that were “involved”. Not surprisingly, HKS designed Miller Park.

  4. It looks slightly more feasible compared to their previous renderings where the retractable roof was a massive wind sail in the middle of a hurricane-prone area.

  5. Shitty_Watercolour gets a shout out on Field of Schemes?? I think I should go home now, because this day isn’t going to get any better.

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