Orlando and Revere, Massachusetts both vaguely talking about how cool soccer stadiums would be

It’s been six whole weeks since I reported on somebody wanting to build a new soccer stadium, so let’s remedy that with reports of two people wanting to build new soccer stadiums:

  • “There is growing consensus among local leaders that the Orlando City Soccer Club needs its own stadium, and that Orlando and Orange County could help pay for it,” reports the Orlando Sentinel. It would likely cost $90-95 million, says Orlando City President Phil Rawlins, who added, “I think it’s too early to say exactly where those funds would come from.” (If you have no idea what the Orlando City Soccer Club, it’s a minor-league United Soccer League team, though it could conceivably move up to MLS with a new stadium.)
  • The mayor of Revere, Massachusetts wants to buy the abandoned Wonderland dog racing track and use it for a new soccer-only stadium for the New England Revolution. It’s all part of a tangled mess involving casino licenses and it’s completely unclear who would pay for the stadium if it ever happens, but it’s worth reporting on if only for the Boston Globe’s description of how Wonderland “fell on hard times and closed in 2010, hurt by a state ban on live dog racing.” Understatement, thy name is Boston Globe.

2 comments on “Orlando and Revere, Massachusetts both vaguely talking about how cool soccer stadiums would be

  1. I smell a new party game here – “Globe-al Understatements”…

    “William Henry Harrison found it difficult to get elected to a second term as president, hurt by dying 32 days into his first term.”

  2. The state of Florida has some program set up just for sport stadiums and has given out millions for baseball,football,hockey, and basketball stadiums since the 90’s. Add soccer and soon Lacross to the list. At least they’re only talking about 90 million in Orlando as opposed to the half a billion they’ve spent on the magic.