Queens MLS deal reportedly imminent, unless it’s not

Okay, this is weird: On Friday, the New York Daily News reported that MLS is hoping to finalize a deal for a $300 million stadium in Queens’ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park within the next month, with league commissioner Don Garber saying, “Our goal is to bring the world’s game to the world’s park.” That’s not a link to the Daily News site, though, because the original story has disappeared from the newspaper’s site in the interim.

In any event, it seems unlikely that anything will be “finalized” in the next month, given that there’s growing local discontent with the plan to put a stadium (now up around 12 acres, according to the now-nuked Daily News article) in a public park, including opposition from the neighborhood newspaper and major concerns by the local city council rep. (Maybe the News belatedly got around to reading its own previous article pointing all this out?) If anything, maybe expect a “framework” within a month or so, with much haggling to follow.

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