Final Seattle arena vote expected Monday, finally

The t’s are finally getting crossed and the i’s dotted in the Seattle arena deal: A county committee has approved the revised MOU that the city council negotiated last month, and both the county and city councils are expected to cast final, official votes on the deal on Monday afternoon.

Once that’s done, it’ll be up to arena builder Chris Hansen to find an NBA team, which remains a precondition of his actually putting up the building. Things have remained very quiet on that front of late, but expect speculation to hear up again once the Seattle councils vote.

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  1. Honestly, there’s no way on earth Hansen would have let it get this far if he didn’t feel great about this. There’s been a lot of word-parsing about what Stern meant by “new” team, but that’s just too much of a close-reading. “Did he mean NEW team? Wow, the NBA is going to expand!”. Yeah, not really.

    It’ll take a while for him to announce he has a team. There’s no NBA team in existence that announces in October that it’s being sold. That timing kills ticket sales. We won’t know until December or January, or maybe even later.

    The likely candidates are Charlotte, Milwaukee and Sacramento. We just won’t know for a while.

  2. Off topic link here: New soccer stadium will result in a projected 1.2 billion dollar economic impact to Orlando over a 30-year period.

    You might already have seen this Neil.

  3. Neil, thought you should know that King County Councilmember Jane Hague mentioned you by name at the meeting yesterday and she misrepresented your position. You may want to go back and look at the video of the meeting online. She spoke at the very end of the meeting, just before the vote.

    She said that you initially were a skeptic of the Hansen arena proposal and then changed your mind and now support it. She said that she did the same thing.

    Problem is, from everything I’ve read, you’re still a skeptic of the Hansen arena proposal. You’ve complimented some of the details of the plan but you’ve said the math doesn’t seem to work and Hansen is over-leveraged.

  4. Lol, she’s taking cover behind Neil after Hansen decided to consider your analysis an endorsement.

    I guess that’s a slightly better reason than ?Lambert? gave of her grandchildren asking her when they could see basketball. Those poor kids didn’t get tickets to see the Storm in the playoffs I guess.

  5. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but today, the Teamsters announced they will sue to block the Sodo location, based on environmental laws (i.e., no consideration for other sites).

  6. The IBT is the teamsters. ILWU is dock workers. I think the ILWU was also in the process of getting the council to re-define the land zoning in SoDo so that stadiums were something that weren’t just “permitted” in IC zones but actually had to be conditionally approved by council action.

  7. Approved 9-0 by the County, 7-2 by the City.

    As noted (and chastised) above, not the Teamsters, but the Longshoreman union, are suing to stop this. I regret my error.

    But I still don’t think the lawsuit will go anywhere.

    They won’t immediately announce the purchase of a team. I’d expect to see an announcement in December or January, though. Merry Christmas, Seattle.

  8. Seattle’s a great market, but the owners will have to play some real hardball with calling all the Maloof debt or something to force the sale. The league steps in to keep teams in town or help owners relocate. Maybe there’s some unholy partnership between the Maloofs and Hansen brewing but I can’t recall the last time that a team was sold with the stated intent of moving the team, changing their name/logo, and perhaps abandoning their history.

    Has Clay made any comments about being ready to sell the Sonics name to Hansen yet ? The settlement required a refurb of the Key Arena so they’d need to work out a deal and Seattle held Clay’s feet to the fire a few years ago.