Worldwide media domination (Seattle edition)

Chris Daniels of KING5 in Seattle has been in Brooklyn all week covering the new Nets arena (see his interview with Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report here), and last night the station aired his talk with me about Seattle’s arena plans. I’m not sure I broke any new ground in analysis of the deal, but if you’ve been dying to see fast-cut closeups of me drinking tea, this is a must-watch.

And because I neglected to mention it at the time, a couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by RT America (the web channel formerly known as Russia Today) about my spiked Washington Post op-ed on the Nationals stadium deal. This one was conducted via Skype — watch closely and see if you can tell the difference in production values!

One comment on “Worldwide media domination (Seattle edition)

  1. Congrats Neil on taking the tv media by storm. Chris has been great at covering the Seattle Arena news but probably needs a lesson on the “no threat-threat”. Most of the Seattle news reported the Katz tour of Key Arena as a legitimate prospect.