Foster to Rays: No, you can’t talk to Tampa, how many times you gonna ask?

In case you missed, St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster responded on Friday to Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg’s request to look at sites outside of St. Pete for a new stadium, and as expected, the answer was “nuh-uh”:

In a letter to Rays owner Stuart Sternberg, Foster said the only way to preserve the city’s interests is not to let the team look for stadiums outside St. Petersburg or the Pinellas Gateway area.

The Rays, which Foster called a “source of great civic pride,” have a written agreement to play 1,215 more regular season games at Tropicana Field. Besides offering the excitement of baseball, the team is an employer, economic driver and a tourist draw for the city, Foster wrote.

“Make no mistake,” Foster said, “this is not about money, and the city has absolutely no interest in winding down our relationship prior to 2027.”

This could go on forever. (Actually, it kind of seems like it already has.) The one thing new is that a couple of local columnists are now actually taking Foster’s side in all this, but it’s going to take more than that to get Sternberg to back down in this staring contest. Especially when Foster is up for re-election next year. If you cannot defeat your enemy, you can always hope to outlast him.

2 comments on “Foster to Rays: No, you can’t talk to Tampa, how many times you gonna ask?

  1. Good for the mayor. Glad to see that someone thinks they should be living up to a contract.

  2. Seconded…

    Foster has plenty of grist to kick this flaming turd right back to Sternberg and his useful idiots in Tampa. The journalists in the area have completely abandoned their posts and 95% of them dont seem to want to do anything but lavish public money and land on the team. That same team thinks they can just request millions more than what’s already owed without showing a bank slip or earning statement.

    I’d love it if Foster turned this issue back to one of fiscal sanity and kept St. Pete on track for a more prosperous future. If he were really smart Neil, he’d source some of your research and facts about new stadium scams and publicly hand Sternberg his ass.