Miami county official: I’d never have given Loria buckets of cash if I knew he only cared about money

Your weekly Jeffrey Loria hate comes courtesy of Miami-Dade County commission Javier Suoto, who is not any more pleased with the Marlins owner than the rest of humanity. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson asked eight of the nine county commissioners who voted for the Marlins stadium deal what they think of it now, and as Jackson reported in his Sunday column, both Suoto and Natasha Seijas say the would have voted differently if they’d known Loria would slash payroll the minute the team failed to win or draw fans, which “would have been enough to kill the stadium, because with all 13 commissioners in attendance, nine ‘yes’ votes were needed to pass several aspects of the deal.”

Suoto, though, takes the prize for unmitigated after-the-fact Loria enmity:

“This ownership group is a disgrace. I regret supporting it,” Souto said, adding he originally voted yes because his constituents in his district like baseball and wanted the ballpark and he thought it would create jobs.

“I told [former Miami-Dade County mayor] Alex Penelas years ago when I met Jeffrey Loria: ‘This guy only cares about the money, not us, not the county, not the people.’ There were so many promises about all the things that would be happening around the stadium, in Little Havana, and I haven’t seen anything.

“This was a convoluted, complicated deal that Burgess concocted and only he understood. He promised us it was the best deal…. Now, we’re close to a total boycott of the team. The best thing that could happen is for this ownership group to get the hell out of here for the good of the community.”

Because the minute Jeffrey Loria is run out of town on a rail, there will be tons of development happening around the stadium and in Little Havana, right? Right?

3 comments on “Miami county official: I’d never have given Loria buckets of cash if I knew he only cared about money

  1. I love how in the aftermath of the trade the Marlins still had the chutzpah to throw in on more “screw you” to the fans and traded Yunel Escobar and his $5M salary.

  2. “IF I’d only known what Loria was like…”

    It takes a staggering amount of willful blindness for any human being with the ability to read or operate a telephone to NOT know just exactly what kind of person Loria is.

    But still, it’s nice to hear elected officials admit openly that they utterly failed to do any research on the individuals they were paying for the privilege of climbing into bed with (and yes, the imagery is intentional… though given who is paying you may have their positions reversed…)

  3. Loria is trying to get a MLS team to play in miami marlins stadium each year.
    Like the deal the marlins had in dolphins stadium. plus they pay marlins 20 million ,borwow 150 million from MLS to be part owner of a team an 2 million to city ( one time feed).