Roger Goodell can get in the newspaper just by opening his mouth

From the “Newspapers will report on anything famous people say” department:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday the league is willing to contribute funding to help build a stadium in Oakland to keep the Raiders in town…

”It’s our stage. It’s part of where we present our game. It’s the biggest part,” Goodell said. ”It’s also really important to the fan experience. Having full stadiums is critical for us. We want to have our fans in the stadium, we want to make sure they have the best facilities, we want to make sure the teams can generate enough revenue to be successful and competitive.”

Wait, you mean the NFL is actually willing to give the Raiders stadium money as part of its league-wide program to provide teams with stadium money? Stop the presses!

6 comments on “Roger Goodell can get in the newspaper just by opening his mouth

  1. This is news because about a year or 2 ago Roger Goodell said that he would like the Raiders to move to Santa Clara with the 49ers. There has also been reports of the Raiders possiblity returning to LA. This is big news in the city of Oakland. Oakland has had Pro-Sport for over 100years starting with the Oakland Oaks. Not very many cities in CA are even 100years old. Oakland is the only city in CA to host the NBA, NFL & MLB, and the A’s & Warriors want to leave Oakland. Oakland is also the transportion hubb in the Bay Area with the Port of Oakland, Oakland Air Port, the headquarters of B.A.R.T. the Bay Area’s subway system, the headquarters of AC Transit the 2nd largerest bus company in the U.S., and many trainstations. The Coliseum Area is the #1 transportation destination in Oakland. Losing our teams would hurt Oakland. That is why Oakland has many groups such as Save Oakland Sport trying to figure out how to keep the teams in town.

  2. Great! only $800 million short! but at least its a start… With out public financing i dont see how this project gets off the ground. PSL financing model will not work in oakland (proven in the past) so really interesting to see what the oakland pols come up with?

    I had not read that NFL comish had previously stated that only one bay area team would get G4 money, if i recall correct it was the local media that kept brining that up. “NFL will only give one team G4 money” Ray Ratto comes to mind.

  3. Geuy:

    I hadn’t heard that before either… seems a bit dubious, given that not only did the NY area get subsidies for both it’s NFL teams out of the predecessor to the G4 fund, the subsidies were used on one stadium that the clubs share…

  4. Yeah that would not make sense to make G4 money available by area and not team.

    Oakland Mayor Jean Quan in recent weeks has been saying that they need to tap into the NFL money for the new raiders stadium… There is suppose to be an announcement later this month about the stadium by the oakland pols and I think SaveOaklandSports, I wonder if its going to be “we have the last piece in play (i.e. G4 money) for the new raiders stadium here is our plan” or “We now know we will get G4 money its time to figure out a plan”

  5. Every team will get G-4 funding if they play by the NFL’s rules, no one’s been denied yet since the G-3 program started, but no one has relocated to a different market.

    The Raiders will never get G-4 funding if the Davis family tries to move them back to LA. The real question is if the Chargers and possibly the Rams get funding to move to LA. San Diego taxpayers will run the Chargers out of town before giving them $100s of millions. Even longtime fans are starting to realize the Spanos family are a cancer to San Diego. Lets see if St. Louis caves on the arbitration.

  6. Dear CFL, after all you wrote about Oak. it’s still a joke. Warriors did conduct biz in ‘Frisco (even if it was the Cow “barn”) before Oak. so SF does get the same nod.
    The fact that all 3 pro franchises in town are have made efforts (or already have) to get out of town speaks volumes about how bad the place is for the sports biz. Sorry, but that’s it.