St. Pete developer: If you don’t love my stadium plan, I’ll take my land and go home

And throw another Tampa Bay Rays stadium plan onto the dustheap of history:

Disappointed city officials — who had hoped that Carillon might break a stadium stalemate with the Tampa Bay Rays — are back to square one, wondering about baseball’s long-term prospects in the region.

And Carillon’s developers — without any means to jump start their stadium project — are preparing to move on.

“It has been an intense year,” St. Petersburg developer Darryl LeClair said recently. “I am going to tell our team, ‘Enjoy the holiday season. Relax. And next year we are going to start aggressively pursuing other options for the Carillon holdings.’ ”

Honestly, I don’t have the slightest idea what LeClair expected was going to happen when he pitched his St. Petersburg property as a site for a Rays stadium in September — Mayor Bill Foster and Rays owner Stuart Sternberg clasping arms, weeping with joy over a site that neither of them completely dispises, I guess? Anyway, that didn’t happen, and LeClair isn’t the type to wait around more than two months for a good business deal, so forget that noise. Unless LeClair can’t find anybody else who wants to build in Carillon either, in which case expect to go through all this again next year.

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  1. Yes. That location is convenient but there is this:

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