Cubs release Wrigley reno renderings, except for the “release” part

The Chicago Cubs owners are showing preliminary renderings of their plans to renovate Wrigley Field and environs to local community groups — but not to the media, which is why when you click that link you’ll only see a slideshow of old pictures of Wrigley Field. (This being the Internet, be glad it’s not a slideshow of cats.) Details, according to the Lakeview Patch, include new retail buildings, a hotel where an adjacent McDonald’s now sits, and on the triangle site west of the ballpark, an outdoor movie screen and “pavement with fast-freezing coils to create ice rinks faster.”

Inside the park itself, the plan would replace the current roof, renovate locker rooms, add a batting cage under the grandstand, and upgrade luxury suites and the press box. Actual public renderings of all this are promised to be released on January 19.

As the Patch notes, “What’s still unknown is funding.” Or to put it another way, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn still haven’t committed to handing over $300 million worth of public subsidies to make this thing happen. Maybe once they see what movies will be playing, that’ll change their minds.

3 comments on “Cubs release Wrigley reno renderings, except for the “release” part

  1. $300 million sounds about right when negotiating with someone who has absolutely no leverage.

    And there’s nothing absurd at all about this particular owner looking for a government handout.

    Truth really is much stranger than fiction.

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