Rays to meet with Pinellas, Hillsborough commissions, sky to not fall

The Tampa Bay Rays have scheduled meetings with both the Hillsborough County Commission (Jan. 24) and the Pinellas County Commission (Jan. 29) to discuss their stadium demands, and despite all that talk of how St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster would sue if this happened, apparently now he thinks it’s just fine and dandy so long as no immediate plans are discussed:

Foster declined to say how he would respond to such talks, but St. Petersburg officials have previously said any meddling by other regional governments could result in lawsuits.

“As long as the first pitch isn’t before 2028,” he said, “they can talk about anything they want.”

This is really disappointing for anyone who hoped the standoff over the Rays stadium plans (current status: the Rays owners want somebody to build them a stadium, nobody else is leaping to do it, and their lease has them stuck in St. Pete until 2027 regardless) would at least devolve into an existing series of lawsuits over who could even breathe the word “stadium.” Now we’re just going to have to watch the Rays play baseball, jeez.

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