Panthers to ask NC for even more stadium money, on top of $125m from Charlotte

When I reported on the Carolina Panthersnew demand for $125 million in city money to help renovate their 16-year-old privately owned stadium, I neglected to mention — because so did the press reports at the time — that the Charlotte city council voted 7-2 on Monday night to ask the state legislature to consider the plan. If it’s approved there, the plan will come back to the city council, which will vote on it again, for real this time.

And speaking of the Charlotte Observer letting out information in dribs and drabs, there’s this, buried way down in paragraph #8:

The total cost of the stadium renovations is reportedly more than $200 million. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is also expected to ask the state for money, according to people who attended the meeting.

So the total public subsidy has now gone from $80 million in September to $125 million yesterday to somewhere between that and “more than $200 million” today, depending on how much money Richardson asks for from the state. No official response from the governor or legislature yet, but maybe they’re waiting for Richardson to actually settle on a figure.

4 comments on “Panthers to ask NC for even more stadium money, on top of $125m from Charlotte

  1. 16 year-old stadium. Unbelievable. Any goverment entity think they should call this bluff? What is the lease situation?

  2. I believe it inferred Richardson would pay the difference. But $125 million on top of what they committed for the NASCAR Hall of Fame is absurd.

  3. Richardson will pay the difference between what the city and state put up and the “more than $200m” total cost. But we still don’t know what he’s going to ask the state for — whatever that ends up being, tack it on to the $125m.