Dolphins stadium reno would create 4,000 jobs, says Dolphins website

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross may not have a good reason for why Miami taxpayers should give him $200 million to renovate his privately owned stadium, but one thing he has gotA website!

The Miami Dolphins have created a website and social media campaign designed to bolster public opinion in their favor. launched on Monday, when Dolphins owner Stephen Ross held a press conference announcing the team’s stadium renovation plan and proposal to fund it partially from additional state sales tax rebates and a hike in local hotel taxes.

In addition to a slew of crappy renderings — apparently one main goal of stadium renovations is so that Sun Life Stadium can host lo-res soccer games in the middle of a confetti storm — there’s an “economic impact” page that promises “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” How many jobs? Four thousand of them, though it doesn’t say how many of them would be part-time or only for the course of the construction work. It also cites the Florida tourism board as estimating that “every eighty visitors we attract to the State of Florida generate enough economic impact to support one full-time job,” which by calculating backwards we can assume means Ross thinks a renovated stadium will draw 320,000 additional visitors to Florida per year. That’s for a team that only draws 450,000 fans a season, even while selling out three-quarters of its capacity. Maybe he’s figuring people will come just to point and laugh.

4 comments on “Dolphins stadium reno would create 4,000 jobs, says Dolphins website

  1. An updated stadium would need about the same number of groundskeepers, hot dog vendors, front office personnel, etc. as now.

    The 4000 would obviously be temporary jobs, generally ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months spread out over 2 years.

  2. More of the same lunacy, why dosen’t the media or sheep sports customers demand that politicians/franchise owners quantify these “jobs” before they see a dime??
    Because they are patholigically hog-tied and emotionally married to something they don’t have control of or a say in – professional sports.
    To qoute Marx correctly -“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”. Subsitute SPORTS for religion.

  3. The older I get the more I agree with you Paul. I feel sad when I read obituaries where love of a sports team is mentioned as one main points of someone’s life.

  4. Jay, both my parents worked at an MLB franchise in the mid-late 50’s and both of my brothers have (one still does) worked in MiLB and I work in the entertainment biz. Was lucky enough to see behind the curtain and know enough folks in the biz to be able to separate my enjoyment of baseball (playing) from being sucked into the fan “my team” mentality.
    My Mom told me decades ago that “the (team I liked) will go on like nothing happened if you dropped dead today”. That stuck with me.