Browns naming-rights deal worth $6m/year

Oh, by the way, the Cleveland Browns sold the naming rights to their stadium this week to FirstEnergy Corp. for $6 million a year over 17 years. And by “their stadium,” I mean of course, “the stadium that taxpayers paid to build and own but won’t be getting any money from selling the name of.” Because that’s the way that modern stadiums roll.

FirstEnergy, a deregulated electricity company, showed declining profits last year, giving them a good head start on joining this list. Though they’ll have to work harder to become the next this.

2 comments on “Browns naming-rights deal worth $6m/year

  1. $6 million.

    Put another way, less than the combined salaries of Chris Gocong (4.5) and Usama Young (2).

    So thank goodness the Browns will have extra money so maybe they can get 2 more players of such stellar quality.

  2. The Browns front office isn’t competent enough to do anything useful with the ~$12 million difference between the salary cap and salary floor, Neither are most of the other 31 teams. The revenue argument related to a team’s competitive ability is a lie.