Henderson three-stadiums-or-maybe-none deal heads to court, even more hilarity ensues

I’ve been sadly neglecting Chris Milam’s insane scheme to build $2 billion worth of stadiums and arenas near Las Vegas — and in case you think that’s not enough to warrant the moniker “insane,” recall that he planned to fund this by borrowing $650 million at 20% interest from “a Chinese company that makes surveillance equipment” — especially after he declared that building that many stadiums wasn’t actually viable, but he’d be happy to use the land he was given for commercial and residential development. But the latest developments just cry out for attention:

  • The U.S. Bureau of Land Management chief who approved the sale of 480 acres of federal land to Milam for his project is business partners with a Milam consultant who “stands to make more than $1 million in a success fee if the BLM transfers the land to Milam on Wednesday,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. And just in case that wasn’t enough conflict of interest for you, the consultant in question, Michael Ford, also helped the city of Henderson, where the Milam megalopolis would be built, to prepare its public notice for the deal.
  • Milam, meanwhile, is currently in court defending himself against city charges that he only proposed the ridiculous sports plan as a bait and switch so he could get hold of the federal land. Nothing could be further from the truth, Milam insisted in court papers yesterday: Rather, the problem was that the Chinese spy company wouldn’t lend him his money unless he had a pro sports team, so it was the Sacramento Kings’ fault for refusing to promise to move there. (A Henderson city spokesperson replied to the Review-Journal via email that “at no time did they inform the City that financing fell through because of their failure to lure the Kings” and “Milam never informed the City that the Chinese financing had fallen through.”)

So, lotsa crazy, but no actual stadiums, not anymore. But at least Las Vegas can still look forward to its $800 million UNLV football stadium to be funded by a new sales tax district.

5 comments on “Henderson three-stadiums-or-maybe-none deal heads to court, even more hilarity ensues

  1. “Conflict of interest”? That’s an understatement. The deal with the BLM chief is down right corruption at the highest level. The real criminal shouldn’t be Milam; it should be the federal government for having a virtual monopoly on land in this country (via land theft) and then turning around and granting it to friends and colleagues to make money off of.

    If this country isn’t in the grips of despotism, then the Satan better bundle up. I hear they’re calling for a blizzard in his neck of the woods.

  2. Just another example of Maloofery having negative effects for everybody they try to do business with.

  3. @MikeM: forget Vegas; it’s corruption in the organization that you’re paying taxes to and casting votes towards. Why consent to either of those things for an organization that clearly does not have any of your interests in mind while making its decisions?

  4. And the real reason the Maloofs felt the need to screw Sacramento last spring comes to light. If it’s one thing the Maloofs would throw away free money for it’s Las Vegas. They’ve been doing that since the early 1980’s.