Not everybody is totally in love with giving Dolphins $200m in tax money

Maybe the Miami Dolphins‘ $200 million stadium renovation subsidy deal isn’t quite as certain as it seemed: The Miami Herald reports that the Miami-Dade County delegation in the state legislature is split on whether to support it, and “localized bills that don’t have the full support of a local delegation face a steeper challenge of getting approval from the full Legislature, where some lawmakers may be hesitant to vote for special tax deals in other parts of the state.” The Herald also notes that the Dolphins haven’t even geared up their lobbying efforts, though — “We’re barely in the first quarter of a long football game,” said one team lobbyist — so even though this may put them on their own 20-yard line … no, sorry, I can’t do the football metaphor. It’s not good for the Dolphins, but it may not mean much in the long run, that’s what I’m trying to say.

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