Both Marlins fans show up for first day of ticket sales

And then there’s our comedy interlude of the day, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi:

The line for single-game tickets outside #Marlins Park, less ... on Twitpic

That’s opening day for Miami Marlins single-game ticket sales, and as Capozzi notes, “There were just three people in line at the main ticket window at 9:35 a.m. — 25 minutes before single-game tickets went on sale. And at least three people wore protest gear — two fans with anti-Loria shirts and a man who wore a Blue Jays cap to show his opposition to the trade.”

It’s going to be a long summer at The Pustule. Good thing for Jeff Loria he makes money even if he doesn’t sell any tickets.

3 comments on “Both Marlins fans show up for first day of ticket sales

  1. Two fans? When did the Marlins gain a fan and which one is Steve in the photo?

    (check The Onion for those who may not understand the reference)

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