Ravens to actually pay for own stadium upgrades (mostly)

It’s official: Absolutely everybody with a ’90s-era football stadium wants to make upgrades to it. Latest are the Baltimore Ravens, who just announced $35 million in improvements to their stadium over the next two offseasons, including four new video boards (of course) and expanded concessions.

The Ravens presumably hope these additions will boost their revenue, so they’re investing their own money in paying for them. Sort of:

[Ravens president Dick] Cass said that the organization will assume most of the project’s $35 million price tag. However, the Ravens have asked the Maryland Stadium Authority to assume a “small portion” of the cost, stemming from the installation of new directional signage throughout the stadium.

I have no idea 1) why the state stadium authority is responsible for directional signage, 2) why new signs are needed to direct fans to new video boards, or 3) how much a few signs could possibly cost, but that’s what the man said. At least it appears that the Ravens are paying for most of the renovation costs themselves, which is more than you can say for some other NFL teams with stadiums of similar vintage — though we’ll see what happens when and if the Ravens management decides that 71,000 seats is too many for the modern football era.

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4 comments on “Ravens to actually pay for own stadium upgrades (mostly)

  1. I’m impressed that there appears to be no reimbursement, tax credit or other way that the Ravens could say they’re paying without really paying. I think I’ve seen so many of these local news articles touting a team-financed stadium upgrade that isn’t so team-financed that I’ve become jaded.

  2. Too soon Baltimore. When they come out with 3D projection/holographic replay technology next year you’ll be sorry. (A stadium with 70,000 people wearing those silly glasses would be pretty funny though)

  3. Sigh. Bisciotti didn’t get the memo. We can hardly trot out the “L.A. Here We Come!” bit if he’s only going to spend a paltry 35 mil and ask for chump change from the public. Stevie, if we don’t make the public our bitches at every turn, they might stop forking over.

    But, we’re getting Arthur Blank and the Atlanta city council straightened out so there’s no reason we can’t get Stevie on board to demand a 400 million dollar public subsidy, OR ELSE, Baltimoreans.

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