New renderings show what Queens MLS stadium could look like, sorta kinda maybe

The Empire of Soccer blog noticed that SHoP architects, who have been tabbed to design the $300 million MLS stadium in Queens’ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park if it ever gets built, gave a presentation at Columbia University on February 1st, and lo and behold, it included some images of a soccer stadium design, which looked like this:

That’s certainly interesting, featuring a semi-see-through outer wall and partial roof, which would help explain the mammoth (for a soccer stadium) price tag. It doesn’t particularly show the berm that would reportedly be necessary to keep the stadium above the groundwater level. And it’s also almost certainly not what the final design would be like, as MLS told Capital New York:

M.L.S. sends over the following statement from league president Mark Abbott: “These drawings do not represent what they stadium will look like. In fact, we haven’t selected an architect yet and will not start the design process until we have an owner for the club. This was simply a concept drawing that was done only to help determine the potential height and footprint. Any assertion that these drawings represent what a stadium will look like in Queens is wrong.”

But anyway, it’s a picture, and you guys like pictures, right? There are plenty more on the Empire of Soccer page, so feel free to go crazy.

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2 comments on “New renderings show what Queens MLS stadium could look like, sorta kinda maybe

  1. It just needs a ramp for the space aliens who flew it here to come marching down when they greet the earthlings.

  2. … kind of looks like a photoshopped image of the innards of a nuclear reactor… oh well, I guess we shouldn’t expect much from a team that we’ve been hearing about for nearly a decade and which doesn’t really seem to have any players or a league to play in yet…

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