NFL, Dodgers have “had talks” about football stadium at Chavez Ravine

Stop the presses!

Dan Kaplan of Sports Business Daily reported Monday that the [NFL] has had direct talks with [Los Angeles] Dodgers owner Guggenheim Partners about the possibility of a football stadium at Chavez Ravine, a concept that has been floated since the mid-1990s, when Peter O’Malley pushed to bring the NFL there.

All that remains to be done, writes the L.A. Times’ Sam Farmer: figure out a way to get ex-Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, who is 50% owner of the Dodger Stadium parking lots, to go along with a new stadium deal; start a new round of environmental impact statements; figure out whether the Dodgers would stay put or move to a new stadium on the proposed downtown site near the convention center; and wait to find out who AEG, which has proposed the downtown stadium, is ever being sold. And something else that Farmer doesn’t mention, let’s see … oh right, who on earth is going to pay for this dang thing.

All items to keep in mind before the next article alleging that other NFL teams are set to move to L.A. if they can’t extract new stadiums from their current home towns. Crap, too late.


5 comments on “NFL, Dodgers have “had talks” about football stadium at Chavez Ravine

  1. The Dodger Stadium site does make a heck of a lot more sense for football than baseball at this point.

  2. Swoop 24 Back Cut Chavez, a new wrinkle in our L.A. playbook to go with our other popular and successful plays, Roski Go 40 Industry, and Leiweke Flyer Squadron AEG Left. We pull out all the stops when it comes to dazzling the rubes with our aerial show. Fork up that stadium cash folks, or we’re flyin’ to L.A., baby, first class all the way – the NFL way! Your money, our stadium. Bank on it.

  3. … well, since you never want to be last in a ………

    “I am here today to announce I will move to LA for the 2019 season if I do not get a new stadium deal here”.

    See what I did there?
    No, I mean other than annoy everyone.

    I didn’t even mention that I don’t own a team, or have a league to play in. But I did give plenty of time for any city that might think I’m referring to “them” to come up with a deal that is certainly good enough, or almost good enough, to “keep the (insert nickname here) right here in the city in which they belong – in which they’ve always belonged!”

    (Pause for rapturous applause from the saps who’ll be paying for it)

    Moving on…