Public says stuff at Falcons public hearing, blah blah blah whatever

The Atlanta public had their first official chance to sound off about the proposed Falcons stadium plan at last night’s city council committee hearing, and depending on who you believe, either they’re resigned to this thing happening and just want to get some concessions for surrounding communities:

With an air of inevitability that Atlanta will eventually build a new stadium to replace the Georgia Dome, residents in the neighborhoods near the proposed site pressed City Council members Wednesday to have their backs in the final negotiations.

One after another, speakers from Vine City, English Avenue and Castleberry Hill pleaded with leaders to push for everything from noise buffers to economic aid in any deal that gives the Atlanta Falcons a new $1 billion playing field, part of which will be paid for with public funds…

Wednesday’s hearing was much more subdued than the previous outing. While a few said Falcons owner Arthur Blank had the financial means to do the project himself, most either supported it or implored council members to be cautious in signing on the dotted line.

Or they’re mad as hell and not going to take it any more:

“It will be funded out of Atlanta tax money, but used by the rich and super rich, who can still afford to go to games after they raise general ticket prices and institute personal fee licenses to pay for their share of the stadium funding,” said one man.

Many of those in attendance at Wednesday’s hearing questioned whether the team needs a new stadium.

So, who the hell knows. If anyone was there and can vouch for what was said — or even better, how the council members reacted — please post in comments.

2 comments on “Public says stuff at Falcons public hearing, blah blah blah whatever

  1. Interesting analysis done on another blog regarding the cost split between the public and the Falcons:

    Looks like the public share would be around $925 million while the Falcons would pay less than $200 million.

  2. We are taking the citizens of Atlanta to the cleaners and they will pay us and like it. All hail the NFL!