Still can’t tell the Vegas arena plans without a scorecard

In all the excitement over everything else, I neglected to mention that there’s yet another arena plan in Las Vegas:

MGM Resorts International and AEG have agreed to join forces to pursue building a 20,000-seat, privately-funded indoor arena on land between New York-New York and the Monte Carlo.

We’ve heard similar talk before from AEG, so we’ll see whether this actually happens, let alone whether “privately-funded” comes to pass. But at least this helps explain why MGM has been hating on everybody else’s stadium/arena plans of late.

One comment on “Still can’t tell the Vegas arena plans without a scorecard

  1. I see several issues with a basketball/hockey arena in Vegas.

    First, the NBA is unlikely to come given that they would have to take their games off the board if a Las Vegas franchise appeared (this is what I’ve been told… but then again, the NBA seemed to survive a bent referee scandal without anyone really noticing… Props to Globe&Mail columnist Michael Grange for referring to that ref as Tim “Down-a-G”). This would also be a deal killer for the NFL, should they ever dream of bringing that league to town…

    Second, the NBA’s only experience in Vegas scared the bejeezus out the casino owners and a good part of the city… not good for business, boys… and possibly the NBA office itself as well… though some of that may have been Pacman Jones’ doing.

    Third: The only thing LV doesn’t need is another concert venue. That means that this building would have to make a go of it without the usual “secondary” revenue streams from non basketball/hockey events.

    Four: I suspect fewer people in LV care about the NHL than in Glendale… so hockey alone isn’t likely to pay the bills.

    Five: As stated before, there may be 2.2m people in LV, but 600k of them are working at any given hour of the day, and another 600k are probably sleeping in preparation for going to work. It is the definition of a 24 hour town. And it is the equivalent of a 1.2 or 1.4m population because of that.

    Six: A high proportion of LV residents work for wages (and often not particularly high wages) in tourist service industries. It might shock you to know what the croupier at your favourite billion dollar casino makes an hour… so there isn’t that much excess money around once you get away from the “big winners”. Not alot of professional high paying jobs.

    So really, unless the Rebels are drawing way better than I thought, I don’t see the upside to a new basketball arena.