NC gov to Panthers: No money for you

So it turns out that state bill cutting the amount of Charlotte restaurant taxes they could use for their stadium renovations was the least of the Carolina Panthers‘ worries: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared yesterday that he was rejecting the team’s demand for $62.5 million in state moneytoward the project, telling the Charlotte Observer, “We don’t have the money in the state to address that issue. I have never been actually asked for the $62 million, nor do we have it.”

This now leaves the Panthers with only access to Charlotte’s existing restaurant taxes, which would be enough to contribute about $110 million toward the stadium project — if the city decides that it wants to spend all of its restaurant tax money on renovating a privately built and owned stadium for an NFL team owned by a half-billionaire. No response yet from the team, but I assume it’s only a matter of time before Roger Goodell flies into town to allude darkly to the Panthers moving to L.A. if the right palms aren’t greased.

One comment on “NC gov to Panthers: No money for you

  1. A victory for those of us who think a billionaire who gets over $200 million a year in TV revenue alone doesn’t need a dime of our money. But I agree that this is not the end. Not by a long shot.