Elk Grove still insists it’s serious about this whole MLS stadium deal

So you thought that this was going to be the last you heard about Elk Grove, California, in this space? Think again, puny human! From News10 (warning, annoying autoplay video, plus misspelling of “Good Morning”):

Elk Grove City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to move forward with acquiring the land to build a new stadium.

The proposal includes looking at building a new sports complex on a 120 acre parcel of land by the partially built Elk Grove Promenade mall. The plan is to build a stadium that would seat as many as 18,000 people. The price tag for that would be about $100 million and would be financed in a combination of bonds and possibly ticket sales, parking, naming rights, lease payments to the ownership group.

Sorry, I forgot the warning for “thinking that bonds and ticket sales are two parallel items, even though one is a way of borrowing money and the other is a way of raising revenues to pay off those debts.”

Elk Grove will apparently consider three sizes of stadiums: a $40 million 8,000-seat minor-league stadium, an $80 million 15,000-seat one, or a $100 million 18,000-seat one. Also, the vote was apparently moved up after dozens of youth soccer players wearing jerseys filed into the hearing room to support the plan. Because that’s just the way that Elk Grove rolls.

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3 comments on “Elk Grove still insists it’s serious about this whole MLS stadium deal

  1. “Bonds and possibly ticket sales.”

    I laughed.

    This is a sign that you should announce that you’re not taking a position in the argument. News10, we are laughing at you, not with you. You need to take it upon yourselves to figure out why.

  2. I guess if Sacramento can’t keep the Kings, I guess Elk Grove will say if MLS expands or relocates here, they’ll be the only game in town. Elk Grove FC here we come.

  3. “Trent Slagle, a 14-year-old Katherine L. Albiani Middle School student, addressed the council wearing his No. 22 jersey.
    “Having a team here would be one of the greatest things to ever happen in my life,” he said, choking back tears to an ovation.”

    Give me a ****ing break. Totally scripted. Wait until he turns 16 & gets a car, or discovers girls (or boys, depending on how progressive you are).

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